This website is a work in progress, we will be relaunching a new and accessible version soon.

This website is a work in progress, we will be relaunching a new and accessible version soon.

People of determination in the UAE enjoy fulfilled life from cradle to grave through positive empowerment and effective inclusion in all facets of society

H.H Sheikha Aljazia Bint Saif Al Nahyan

Founding Chairperson

SEDRA Foundation

The Leading Experts for Inclusion and Accessibility in the UAE

SEDRA Foundation is a non-profit NGO providing a range of community services and consultancy on all aspects of accessibility and inclusion for the public and private sectors. Our holistic, heart-mind nurturing, upskilling-for-life and capacity-building programs aim at total empowerment of the People of Determination and their families across the UAE.

Our Work
We are dedicated to supporting individuals with PoD with a range of tailored services to enhance well-being and quality of life.
Corporate & Communities
Individuals of determination are discovering meaningful opportunities and support in both corporate environments and communities.
We are a committed accessibility partner, providing comprehensive guidance to ensure inclusivity across all areas. Whether it's making sure that the physical environment is accessible or conducting tests for mobile apps and services, we are here to support you in your journey towards greater accessibility and inclusion for all aspects of your endeavors.
Our People

Our highly skilled and experienced team of specialists is always at your disposal, ready to provide you with expert guidance, assistance, and unwavering support whenever you need it.

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Reem Al Fahim


Abu Saleh

Head of Research


Renate Baur-Richter

Program Manager


Sara Ahmed

Creative Director

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Katiya Ireland

Senior Project Manager

SEDRA Team - 3

Afnan Ahmad

Project Officer

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Kim Smith

Project Officer

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Sabrina Al Subaiei

Project Officer


Asha Shetty

Office Manager

SEDRA Pillars

Our Programs

Cinema Club Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Ages: 18+

The Cinema Club is an in person event where Young Adults of Detemination visit a local movie theatre to enjoy an afternoon of fun, snacks and a great movie with friends. This program is run for Young Adults of Determination, by Young Adults of Determination. 

Leisure Soccer with Manchester City

Ages: 13+

Leisure Football is a training program for Youth of Determination to learn and practice football skills with coaches from Machester City Abu Dhabi.

Youth Talent Club

Age: 13+

The Youth Talent Club is a meet-up to allow Youth of Determination to stay in touch, make friends and explore new things within the community. The concept of the events are to have individuals tour sights, cultural institutions and companies within the UAE while coming together to learn and have fun.

Life Skills Academy

Ages: 16+

Life Skills Academy is a program that teaches and provides ongoing learning that can be transferred to daily living for Young Adults of Determination. The skills taught in this program range from navigation skills, communication skills, finance skills and more.

Internship | Employment Program

Our Internship and Employment Program for People of Determination builds a bridge to the workplace and supporting career development for individuals who have acquired a disability. We strongly believe in providing equal opportunities to everyone. Our program ensures that participants have access to tailored internships and employment support, which helps them embark on meaningful career journeys.

Family Meetings

Our free online family meetings support families of People of Determination. These meetings offer personalized guidance, identify opportunities, create individualized plans for goals, and plan for the future, aiming to promote the well-being and success of People of Determination and their families.


The SEDRA Empower Fest is an event designed for families with children of determination and their caregivers. It provides a barrier-free environment where families can come together and participate in a diverse range of activities. These include well-being sessions, planning tools, and fun activities for everyone involved. The festival is an opportunity to learn, reflect, connect, and celebrate the journey of empowerment and support for our loved ones with unique abilities.

Get in Touch

The SEDRA Business Network for Inclusion and Accessibility aims to create a more inclusive and equitable business environment by fostering collaboration among various industry players. This platform provides training, recruiting, and assessments to drive positive change and promote diversity and accessibility. The initiative is centered on co-creation and collaboration, serving as a catalyst for businesses to embrace these values.

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SEDRA, a non-profit organization act as management consultants for public & private institutions.

T: 02 666 0522
E: info@
A: P.O. Box 147107, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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